Feel good, Feel pure

A tree gives healthy mind but a tea gives you healthy body too

Be natural, Be fresh

Discover the surprising daily benefits of tea consumption.

Each sip of our premium soursop, hibiscus, guava... tea

contributes to your overall health.

What People Are Saying

Taste the real thing.

"the taste is so so fresh, it is like going outside, picking the leaves to make the tea, the best on the market."

Mr. Lee

Sours tea

"I like the product because there's no caffeine affects easy to drink without sugar no bad taste"

mary white


"SourSop leaves, including the fruit are mega-nutritious. 1st impression.... tastes similar to green tea."

Dean D. US

Great Taste. Reuse bag.

"I was worried about taste but that wasn't an issue at all. Great taste, I use it with my daily powder laxative..Excellent! I put tea bag in fridge and reuse."


Soursop tea

"Love this tea. It is the second time I’ve ordered it. Prefer it over the leaves. I will be ordering again."

Kelly A. Randis

Love it so A great addition for tea drinkers.much

"It's a good tea, but the blue color is the real draw. It looks cool. But with some ginger and lemon it goes from a good tea to a great drink."


Discover Wellness in Every Sip

No Chemical

Pure Tea Bliss: Chemical-Free Leaves for a Healthier Brew!

100% Natural

Elevate your tea experience with the freshness of nature in every cup. Discover the true essence of a flavorful journey.

Sip, Relax, Repeat

Quick preparation, instant enjoyment – because your tea break should be as easy as it is enjoyable. Elevate your tea time effortlessly!

High Quality